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Over 30 years of professional block management and accounting experience in London.

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IRPM-Qualified Members of RICS and ARMA

We combine traditional qualities with modern technology to provide you with one of the leading block management services in London.

As members of RICS and ARMA, we are your number one choice for professional and diligent property management in the capital’s most prestigious districts, from Chelsea to Mayfair and Kensington to Regent’s Park.

Serving a Comprehensive Client Base

Our diverse portfolio of properties has been growing for over three decades since we started life as the block management department of Douglas & Gordon in 1988.

We serve developers, freeholders, Resident Management Companies (RMCs), Right-to-Manage Companies (RTMs), Landed Estates and Private Clients to ensure that your end-to-end property management requirements are not just met, but exceeded.

Managing Over 6,000 Units in 200 Blocks in Central London

With a dedicated team comprising a Property Manager, a Property Assistant and a Client Accountant for each building in our portfolio, we provide a comprehensive service that boasts the utmost professionalism and round-the-clock availability.

Everything about our block management and accounting services is open and transparent, allowing you full access to financial reports that are updated on a daily basis and complete access to the contact details of the team assigned to your building, so you know we’ll always be there for you.